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Muskoka-Beer-Festival-14-343Muskoka’s most naturally majestic and stunning background serves as a backdrop for a three-day, ticketed and licensed, a music festival featuring awesome live-music sets by Canada’s homegrown talents, emerging break-through bands, national and international music acts. This Three-day festival will showcase a wide variety of genres ranging from blues, reggae, folk, rock, punk to pop. Bands from Muskoka and surrounding regions will be featured as part of the music festival experience.

The Muskoka Sound Music Festival will host over thirty performances to garner the attention of Canada music lovers and adventuring souls. Aside from presenting Canada’s talent, the music festival is created to promote local vendors, foodies and Muskoka works by local artisans. They are also committed to creating an event with green initiatives with a goal to have the least environmental impact of any music festival in the world. Get to experience the town’s warmth and hospitality with their hundreds of volunteers to direct people with the help they need.


Muskoka Sound is the largest music event situated in a spectacular vista to experience. Thousands of music lovers and nature enthusiasts will en route to the Muskoka region to celebrate music, art, and culture.

The beautiful Muskoka has been a world-class travel destination and nature-based attraction in Ontario, Canada for travelers around the world. Presenting a natural ambiance of Lions Field location and its famous rock formation with rockin’ live music scene will make it an event to remember for the tourists and festival-goers.


With the beautiful scenery and incredible setting of Muskoka Sound Music Festival, the most popular way to experience it is to camp at their favorite spot at the close-by campsites.  To those travelers who have already discovered the majestic Muskoka, this music event is a great addition to their itinerary for a truly memorable and fun-filled trip.

For off-site option, with Muskoka as one of the top tourist attraction site, there are many hotels and resort that serve as your home base for the exciting music festival. These resorts offer a spectacular lakeside view, savory food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, top-notch facilities and plenty of indoor or outdoor activities.

What to Wear

Muskoka Sound Music Festival will be filled with festival-goers in their comfortable, chic and beautiful outfit for a fashionable festival experience. Temperatures may likely to go high so it is recommended to bring the most stylish jacket to keep you warm. Festival grounds may be wet during the fall season, so it is advisable to bring your boots.


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